Blended Celery Tomato Soup

Blended celery tomato soup is quick easy one pot blended soup recipe. Celery Tomato Soup is a very heathy and nutritious soup.You will also love the mixture of the fruit-vegetable...

Flaxseed Peanut Chutney

Flaxseed peanut chutney is easy and quick healthy chutney podi made within 10 minutes of time. Alsi shengdana chutney is best chutney goes with chapati, rice or idli.

Lettuce weight loss soup recipe

How to make quick and easy lettuce weight loss soup recipe Explore Lettuce Soup Weight Loss Recipe, a page that provides healthy and satisfying recipes to support your weight loss journey. Discover...

4 Healthy Cookies recipes

4 Eggless healthy homemade cookies recipes Easy and healthy homemade 4 healthy cookies recipes. simple and easy recipes to make healthy cookies for Kid's tiffin and snack time.

How to make Jowar Cookies

Eggless Homemade Jowar Cookies recipe Jowar cookies are a healthy snack made with only three ingredients: Jowar millet flour, ghee, and jaggery powder . Jowar cookies are perfect for kids' tiffin or anytime...

Vegan Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Eggless Vegan Chocolate Walnut Cookies This Vegan Chocolate Walnut cookies recipe is completely healthy vegan and no egg recipe. Vegan Chocolate Walnut Cookies are chewy, soft an easy to make cookies recipe. Chocolate...


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Putani Chutney| Hurigadale Chutney

Putani chutney podi is a super quick and an easy protein rich side dish famous in Maharashtra and Karnataka reason.

Foxtail Millet Idli Batter| Millet Idli Batter

Millet Idli Batter Foxtail idli batter is a super healthy idli batter packed with lots of nutrition and fiber. Every week I make idli but from last few weeks we...

Lettuce Carrot Paratha

Healthy Paratha In Sandwich Flavour Paratha is every Indian house day to day recipe. In India Paratha are daily breakfast recipe. There are varieties of paratha like stuffed paratha , veggie paratha...

Ragi Cake recipe | Eggless Ragi Chocolate Cake

Looking for a scrumptious yet healthy cake recipe? Try making a soft and spongy Ragi cake! This vegan and gluten-free cake is made with millet and coconut oil, which adds richness to its taste. If you have a sweet tooth, this easy-to-make Millet cake is perfect for satisfying your daily dessert cravings. Plus, it's an eggless and low-calorie cake, making it a great choice for your Mother's Day celebration.

Healthy Whole Wheat Jeera Biscuits | Jeera Biscuits

Whole Wheat flour Healthy Jeera Biscuits recipe is an eggless healthy biscuit recipe  These biscuits are made with whole wheat flour and cumin seeds. They are easy to make and require only a few ingredients. The dough is rolled out and cut into desired shapes. Then, it is baked until golden brown. These biscuits are crunchy and have a mild savory flavor from the cumin. They are best enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee. They also make a great snack for kids.

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Cookies Recipe When it comes to quick and healthy snacks, nothing beats homemade cookies. And if you're looking for a go-to recipe, I highly recommend whole-wheat oatmeal cookies. Trust me;...

Turmeric Pickle recipe | Kachi Haldi ka Achar

Discover delicious and unique ways to incorporate turmeric pickles into your meals with these creative recipes. From tangy to spicy, these variations will add a burst of flavor to any dish. Spice...

Jalapeno pickle recipe | The Ultimate Guide to Making Spicy Jalapeno Pickles at Home

Jump toIngredients Video Presentations of Jalapeno pickle recipeStep by Step guide of Jalapeno pickle recipeJalapeno pickle Recipe card Storing Jalapenos PicklesConclusion/Notes In this comprehensive guide, we'll show you how to make delicious and spicy jalapeno pickles...

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